Open Studio

The Pitika Ntuli Studio hosts an ‘Open Studio’ four or five times a year. Open Studios afford the public an opportunity to engage with the artists, technicians and administrators in an artistic atmosphere, in which they too can participate in the creative act. This is especially important given the artist’s current focus on Monuments for the people of South Africa.

We live in a quantum world, a world of interconnectedness of all phenomena. To appreciate and understand the world we live in, we have to generate and or find connectivities that bind issues together. Our Open Studios seek to create synergies and connections through all art forms in the minds of art lovers. Poetry, music, dance, paintings, sculptures, and photographs co-exist in one space providing a holistic experience, as well as a fuller appreciation of the arts. Profound African traditional spirituality is seamlessly woven into the experience through the poetry, dance and drumming of indigenous healers.