Post-Modern Realities

In the dark
He sits alone
Watching images of despair
From a carousel of hysteria
Reliving cancerous errors
In the limelight
The carousel picks up speed
He reels from the vertigo
Of the fusion egos
The carousel slows down
Egos multiply
Slowly he continues to drink
From the plural pool
Fragments of dreams

A sadist smiles
Poised between the abyss
Of violence and seduction
Speaking with a voice between
Ecstasy and decay
In the abysmal whirlpool
The hermit and schizophrenic
Argue the dialectic of nature

A technicolor movie emerges in slow motion from the void
Sucked up like a rivulet
Into the raging sea
Of splendid unconcern
Subterranean feelings bait ideas
In crystal waters
The argument drifts into
Indifferent rivulets of experience

Bubbles burst
Egos turn into luminous stars
Imploding dreams
Paradox is general in the
Army of ideas

Lightning breeze and hurricane
Refreshment and destruction
Presentation of the unpresentable
The projector rolls on
leaving parodic images behind

He stands on his feet in the
Eddying sounds of desire
Runs fast on the edge
Of delirium and doom
Seeking answers to
Questions of being
Un-being and becoming