I am a self confessed scavenger of dreams
When my dreams fail to run the mile
Weak-kneed and wobbly
Just this side of nightmare zones
I go on a prowl
I ransack your dreams as bricks for the citadel
Of my own

I no longer sleep
What with my walls and ceilings tattooed with fluorescent lights
Bearing symbols
IMF, World Bank, WTO?

I dream by day and nightmares come on a visit too
Yesterday Mugabe came and called me brother
Invading the residues of my dreams

I do not need dreams anymore!

There are no specific laughters anymore
Cynical smiles now parade our avenues
South of the zombies we have become
With our forgotten memories and hurled insults
Shall we still cultivate our elastic smiles
Despite the sorcery of the new elite
Playing waiting games
Screaming with Scorpion stings
On their material values?
I thought I should ask!

I wanted to dance with you
On the graves and tombstones
Of your previous loves
Until the ghosts of mine complained
Of being left out of the fun

I gave up the idea altogether!!!

They buried me alive
With a suitcase of books and a statue
I used the statue to dig another grave alongside
Until it was a tunnel
I surfaced on a highway to new beginnings
Too close to the spaghetti junction
Of political intrigues
Now I will linger a little
In the Purgatory of your Memory!

My love for you is dead
Committed suicide last night
Dangling from a noose
Tied around your diamond studded neck!!

I walk quietly behind me
In this funeral procession of words
To the forgotten cemetery of my blood

I now speak eloquently with
Voices of touch
Voices of kisses
At times I speak with tongue
In cheek of Silence!!