Carve Me Words

Carve me fresh words born with
Birthmarks to stretch my imagination
Grab the vibrant strings of my heart
With your fingers of emotion to
Fire my will to resist the ugliness
That pervades our world –
Think of Iraq!

Undress my soul with your resplendent words
Turned into visceral images that
Devour the putrid soul of our silences
Our failure to speak our minds
When vampires of greed suck our blood

Undress me
Reveal the nakedness of our betrayal
We intellectuals
Who sing praises of foreign gods
And spit fiercely into the visionary
Eyes of our gods

Undress me
Strip me naked with your words,
Undress me with your smile-poems
Stubborn stanzas of renewal
Here in our bristling land
Where the bright sun scorches
The weeds that entangle and strangle
Sacred plants of our ancestral lands.

Undress your soul
Perform a strip-tease of emotions
To mate them with ideas

Undress your soul for me to read
In your nakedness
Dreams that march boldly across the sacrosanct courtyards with
Fountain of young blood
Shouting from the soil to tend
The stars to invoke the gods
To speak to us in new voices
To quench our thirst for knowledge
The knowledge of our Past,
Our Present
Our Future writ large with words of hope
On canvases of our elastic hearts!

Carve me new words
Undress me
Strip-tease me
Reveal to us the naked truth of your soul
What burns in it
What bristles and simmer
Now begin…..

Macufe: Bloemfontein 5/10/2004